Angelica Villegas

is a graduated Dental hygienist from APLUS INSTITUTE in Toronto, Ontario. The institution is fully accredited by the Commission of Dental accreditation of Canada (CDAC).

As a dental hygienist, I have enjoyed working with people of all ages, genders, nationalities and patients with special mental and physical needs. I enjoy educating patients about the prevention of oral diseases, cavity formation and the integrating good daily oral habits.

I took the step of opening my own home based business so I can offer the best quality service with no time limitation and better rates for oral hygiene care.

At Angel’Smiles Oral hygiene is personal and important part of healthy living, yet many people feel apprehensive and nervous about going for professional oral care.

At Angel’Smile the atmosphere is intentionally  caring, relaxed and encouraging – to help people feel at ease about the benefits of maintaining good care for their teeth and gums.

I guarantee a gentle touch and kind-natured service!

Some people would like to know a little bit more about the background of the professional person who is helping them….

Following is my story:

I lived in Kitchener, Ontario when I decided to prepare to become a dental hygienist.

Because I could not get the needed training in Kitchener, I relocated to London, Ontario and studied at the London College of Healthcare and Technology, Inc.

It was a two year program and I had nearly completed the program – just two weeks before graduation – when the college declared bankruptcy.

I had learned a lot during the two years, and had sacrificed a lot to be there.

Suddenly the college was no longer in the position to award the diploma I had prepared for! I learned of an opportunity in Toronto.

The first step was to take the entrance exams. Of about forty people that applied, I was one of 10 accepted into the program.

It required studying in Toronto for another two years, basically starting over again. It took a lot of perseverance, but it was worth it!.

Now I can look back and feel proud that, despite the obstacles, I had the strength and determination to overcome the difficulties and reach my goal.